5 Reasons Why Fitness Challenges Work

Remember when you first started class? You were so motivated! You bought new workout clothes, woke up early, and regularly attended class each week. You were looking and feeling great! But we all fall off the fitness wagon from time-to-time. Or maybe you are a habitual exerciser and you are sitting pretty in your routine, […]

What is the “Working Zone”?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what your “working zone” is when exercising – and what is the best zone to work in for optimal results. We’re breaking down the 4 zones today, including what it feels like when exercising by zone, so you can conquer your work out and recalibrate your fitness routine. […]

To Sweat Or Not To Sweat?

We consider sweat to be the physical effect of hard work. The more we sweat, the more calories we’ll burn, and the more effective our workout will have been – right? Well, not necessarily. Some people are quick to perspire, breaking out in dripping sweat from small tasks, or even warm temperatures with no activity. […]

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