Personal PRIDE

It’s PRIDE month and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate individualism, acceptance, positivity and personal rights. This all sounds lovely on paper – but read each of those words aloud while facing a mirror. Do YOU honestly feel this way about yourself?? No matter your orientation, identity, or any ‘check box’ for that matter, acceptance […]

There’s an app for that

Our NEW app is here and she’s fancy, ya’ll. SO many convenient features, tools and easy, breezy navigation. Not only did we upgrade the app, we even refreshed our website! With all this new technology, we’ve definitely been geeking out behind computer screens the past few months 😉   Let’s cover what all you can […]

Firming Your “No” Muscle

We talk so often about health in the form of diet and exercise and sometimes even in meditation or other forms of self care. But how often do you consider your health in the form of your limitations and preservation? Healthy boundaries are a crucial component of self-care. That’s because in work or in our […]

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