DIY Halloween at the barre!

Is your local nb studio hosting Halloween-themed classes this weekend?! (Hello tuck and glow, boo at the barre or boo-ty blast pop-up classes!) Here are some of our favorite halloween costumes we’ve seen throughout the years that are workout friendly. Bonus, they’re last-minute and effortless costumes that are super easy to throw together with likely items you already have on-hand!


Witch: If you have the hat, you’re golden with this costume. All black solidifies your spooky side. Cast a spell on your instructor or neighbor during class to seal the deal!

What you’ll need:

Leggings: black, grey, green, or striped (or striped socks over leggings!)

Top: Black, purple, striped or lace.

Accessories: a witch hat, tutu, broomstick, scary teeth, green face paint, (makeup) mole, long nails, broom



You are magical to your friends, loved ones and us too! Grab your sparkliest or most colorful pair of leggings you have on hand with a similar top, maybe throw on some glitter eyeshadow or a set of ears (your daughter probably already has a unicorn headband!), and voila!

What you’ll need:

Leggings: sparkly, tie dye, or bright colors

Top: sparkly, tie dye, iridescent or bright tank

Accessories: Ears or horn headband, sparkly/glitter eye shadow, clip-in colored hair extensions, optional furry cuffs, leg warmers, or a tail



Super Hero:

You are all wonder-women daily in our eyes. So why not put on your armor once a year? This one’s relatively easy to pull off, if you have a little red, white and blue lying around. Accessorize with an optional cape and some metallics and you’re good to go.

What you’ll need:

Leggings: solid red, white or blue, or star spangled or striped or metallic

Top: solid red, white or blue, or star spangled or striped, metallic tank or a super hero tee

Accessories: Red, white, blue, star or metallic headband/accessories (like earrings or necklace), metallic belt, and optional cape



Meow! Sometimes working out has us feeling extra frisky 😉 Unleash your inner animal with your favorite pair of animal print leggings, a sweet painted nose and whiskers, maybe some winged ‘cat eyes’ eyeliner and optional ears/tail.

What you’ll need:

Leggings: solid black or metallic, or any animal print design

Top: neutral color like black, tan or white tank

Accessories: cat-themed makeup (nose, whiskers, eyes), optional ears and tail, grippy socks



Pop/Rock Star:

It’s Britney, B….pick your fave rendition of the pop princess herself, or go Gaga this Halloween! All that’s needed is a rock star ‘tude and maybe a portable mic (or bluetooth headset!).

What you’ll need:

Leggings: Pink, white, black, leather, or fishnets/tights.

Top: A crop, tied button-up on top optional, a leotard, anything that sparkles or lace

Accessories: pig tails, big hair, sun glasses, feathers, leather jacket, bandana, flashy jewelry, a mic/headset, red lips, (blow up) snake (!!)



You mermaid to go far 😉 Channel your inner Ariel under the sea with this simple + sweet costume. Anything turquoise, blue, green, purple or pink, scaled, iridescent or sea-shelled is sure to make a splash.

What you’ll need:

Leggings: iridescent, sparkly, metallic, “ocean colors” or mermaid print

Top: Pastels or neutral crop, iridescent, sparkly or metallic tank, or supportive bikini top

Accessories: ocean-themed jewelry, sparkly/iridescent makeup (eyes, cheeks, lips, bronzer), sea-themed hair clips/braided hair.




This one’s super simple to pull off. Grab your favorite neon or tie-dye, tease your hair and complete the look with a scrunchie or leg warmers. You’ll look totally rad!!

What you’ll need:

Leggings: Any bright color, tie dye, acid wash

Top: A tight crop or leotard (bright colors, tie dye, acid wash), vintage tee or a cut out tee/sweatshirt

Accessories: blue eyeshadow, teased hair, side pony, crimped hair, scrunchies, leg warmers, sweat band, wrist band/slap bracelets, big belt



Hip Hop:

Kick it at the barre, babe. Loose clothes, joggers or sweats are appropriate, as are jerseys and bucket hats (good thing those made a come back this year!). Add your gold jewelry and you’re set.

What you’ll need:

Leggings: black, joggers, sweat pants, track pants

Top: Crop, jersey, oversized tee or sweatshirt

Accessories: Backwards ball cap, bucket hat, chains or gold jewelry, bandana, braids



You already train like an athlete, so why not dress like one? Any sports jersey will do! Or grab your tennis/golf/running attire and lace up.

What you’ll need:

Leggings: neutral color like black, white, tan, or shorts or skort

Top: Polo, jersey, crop, tank – solid colors or with your favorite sport’s team logo

Accessories: eye black, bandana, whistle, tennis racquet, golf club, visor, ball, tennis shoes, fanny pack



Free Style:

Crazy hair, accessories or any halloween-themed accessory/tank will get it done. Wear whatever you’re most comfortable in, and maximize the details!

What you’ll need:

Leggings: anything you want!

Top; anything you want!

Accessories: face paint, mask, wig, a fun hair style, halloween tee, stripes, solid black or solid orange, boa, tutu, hat or headband, glow in the dark accessories



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