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Our NEW app is here and she’s fancy, ya’ll. SO many convenient features, tools and easy, breezy navigation. Not only did we upgrade the app, we even refreshed our website! With all this new technology, we’ve definitely been geeking out behind computer screens the past few months 😉


Let’s cover what all you can do with the app and how the app will help you to stay on track with those barreSTAR goals, encourage your gal pals to come hang at the barre and more! First and foremost, when you go to log in using your existing email address on file for the first time, go ahead and reset your password. There is no need to create a new account! (Please don’t, as you won’t be able to access any active credits or memberships this way.) Once you’re logged in, you’ll see on the home screen your current class count, your current active credit or membership (or the ability to ‘buy one now’) and your upcoming reservations. You can also of course book your future classes from the home screen.




Cheat sheet guide: barreSTAR levels are 100, 250, 500, 750, and 1000. Check with your local studio for how to celebrate, but it usually involves signing your barre level star, snapping your pic, a potential ongoing retail discount and a gift bag!


Under your classes’ completed number there’s a small sub-menu called “View your stats!”. This page will pull up your membership length (and anniversary date with nb!), how many instructors you’ve taken and studios you’ve visited across the company, and your most visited studio location. You can also click “share” to do a little bragging on the fly, via any social media channel of your choice or via text, email, etc. (Remember, whether ‘barreSTAR’ official status or not, each class is a victory and you should proactively choose to celebrate at ANY time. You’d be surprised how a friend or family member’s comment on your class status post will give you some much needed motivation and validation in-between those barreSTAR stats, so go for it and share!!)



Back on your home page, under your current membership (or if you do not have one you’ll see “A pass is needed to reserve”), you can click the sub-menu “Buy one now!”. This will take you to the “Memberships & Credits” home page. You’ll see you can easily toggle by location here, and immediately below you’ll see all available packages, including class packs (i.e. credits), recurring memberships, and child care credits if applicable. You can purchase both class packages and even quick “add ons” that you may want for class, including bottled waters, snacks, grippy socks and some other most popular “quick grabs” items, when reserving your class.



Want to save yourself even more time when building out your barre schedule? Start by choosing the ‘calendar’ icon on the bottom main menu. On the main ‘schedule’ page, you can see the schedule on a 7 day rolling calendar. Once you’re on the schedule page, hit the ‘filter’ icon to the top right of the screen. You can choose by 1) Times (morning, afternoon, and/or evening); 2) Classes (i.e. barre30, barre50, barreHIIT, etc); 3) Instructors (by name *note you may see instructors not at your studio. Not positive of her name? Head back to the schedule and check out the pics for a hint!; and by 4) Classroom (we’d really only use this for sorting between studio and child care to quickly filter). Lastly, once you’ve selected the class day/time you want, you’ll have the option to potentially pick your spot (inquire with your local studio if this is an option in your area).





Once you’ve reserved your class, you’ll notice two options on the confirmation screen. First is “Book a Guest”. We absolutely love when you bring a friend,  but please know each guest may only try their first class free once. After their first complimentary guest reservation, we’d love to have them come back on our intro offer! Please also include your guest’s email address so we can reach out prior to class, update them on current COVID policies, what to expect, wear, etc. We would SO appreciate if you’d text or email the studio upon booking a guest reservation and give us the full name of your guest and when his/her class reservation is as well, so we can get acquainted prior to class and reach out in a timely manner. We really pride ourselves on first impressions and want to make sure we’re making your guest feel right at home!



The second option is “Buy an Add-on”. This will vary depending on your studio location, but think the most common items you request before class, such as bottled waters, snacks, grippy socks, hair ties, etc. What’s the benefit to purchasing in advance? You can skip the potential bottleneck at the front desk and your instructor will have it ready for you upon arrival to save you time.


If you need to edit or cancel your reservation, simply click on the ‘calendar’ icon, which will pull up your schedule. Click the “reserved” button for the class you need to cancel, and the following screen will give you options to book a guest, buy an add-on, or cancel your reservation. When you click “cancel reservation” it will mention in the sub-text if you’ve early-canceled (and therefore you’ll see “no penalty”) and ask you to confirm you’d like to cancel your reservation. Please inquire with your local studio what the late cancel and no-show penalties are. And remember, we all have emergencies and unexpected plans come up – never hesitate to give us a call and we can discuss a grace cancellation for you!


You can click the ‘shopping bag’ icon to be taken directly to the “Memberships & Credits” home screen. When you click the ‘shopping cart’ to the top right of the screen, you will see your preferred payment method, as well as the option to redeem a local studio discount code as well as a gift card, all from the app.



Last but not least, choose the ‘profile’ icon from the bottom right of the screen. Here you can view your reservation history (including visits from other nb studios), your purchase history, payment methods, personal information (including contact info, birthday, home studio, emergency contact, and the option to change your password) and more.


Are you a livestream client? You can easily toggle between in-studio and livestream by changing your current location at the top of the screen by clicking the ‘down arrow’. From there you’ll see your current region, which is likely a state. Hit the ‘left arrow’ icon to be taken back to the Region menu. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll find “Virtual (EST)”. Note that the schedule is listed in Eastern Standard Time, since it’s a universal schedule amongst all NB clients and members. So if you’re in CST, any class you book in EST will technically be an hour ahead.



You’ll also notice that there are two, daily “RECORDED” classes now listed. This gives you even more variety for your nb routine and keep it challenging by mixing up your class styles throughout the week. The recorded classes are meant to be taken any time ‘on-demand’ that best suits your schedule that day, so make sure you’re ideally booking those the night prior. You typically have 24-48 hours to view those recordings. Remember that you can always log in and book classes directly on our website here.


We would LOVE for you to take a quick sneak peak at our new website!! We’ve streamlined and simplified to create navigation that’s seamless and quick. Click “book/buy” throughout the website to find your local studio (or our virtual platform, nbLIVESTREAM or on-demand platform nbONLINE.) Find additional details about our workout, FAQs, video snippets of each class style, our blog, career opportunities, shopping gear and accessories, and of course all the information you need to book, buy, and learn more about your area NEIGHBORHOOD barre.



Something you’d love to see on the website or app? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback (whether it’s something you current love or a future request) by emailing us here. We can’t wait to continue to serve you in our local communities, at home and on-demand in 2021 and beyond!!




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