DIY Halloween at the barre!

Is your local nb studio hosting Halloween-themed classes this weekend?! (Hello tuck and glow, boo at the barre or boo-ty blast pop-up classes!) Here are some of our favorite halloween costumes we’ve seen throughout the years that are workout friendly. Bonus, they’re last-minute and effortless costumes that are super easy to throw together with likely […]

Reset + Renew: Our Fall Challenge is Here

When we recently polled a small test group we’re working with if they wanted personal training and guidance on exclusively fitness, fitness and mindfulness, or just mindfulness – 100%, or every respondee, chose to incorporate mindfulness. It really speaks to the current environment we’re living in right now. We are stressed, burned out, fearful, overwhelmed […]

Come Back to Your Body

Before you start reading, I want you to take a deep breath. I know you want to read on, but just do it anyway. Take another deep breath. Close your eyes for a moment. Become aware of your physical body sitting or lying down. Of your feet on the floor or touching each other. Allow […]

Do nb workouts include cardio?

One of the more frequent questions we get is, “Do your classes include cardio?” So we thought we’d break it down in today’s post to help explain the “hidden” cardio elements that are included with every nb class, plus easy ways to amp up the volume when you’re looking for a little more fire to […]

Personal PRIDE

It’s PRIDE month and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate individualism, acceptance, positivity and personal rights. This all sounds lovely on paper – but read each of those words aloud while facing a mirror. Do YOU honestly feel this way about yourself?? No matter your orientation, identity, or any ‘check box’ for that matter, acceptance […]

There’s an app for that

Our NEW app is here and she’s fancy, ya’ll. SO many convenient features, tools and easy, breezy navigation. Not only did we upgrade the app, we even refreshed our website! With all this new technology, we’ve definitely been geeking out behind computer screens the past few months 😉   Let’s cover what all you can […]

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